Brian L. Oberholtzer, Auctioneer License No. AU-005951

Brian L. Oberholtzer, Auctioneer License No. AU-005951

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Why Auction?

Here are some advantages to using an auction service:

•  Creates competition between buyers resulting in higher price

•  Creates a set sale date eliminating guess-work as to when a property will sell

•  Offers sellers an alternative marketing option

•  Exposes the property both locally and nationally

•  Typically requires buyer to pay both transfer taxes resulting in a 1% savings to seller

•  Takes the seller out of the negotiation process and eliminates time consuming contingencies

•  Allows seller to free up capital on a timetable to his/her advantage

•  Auctions signs create attention and urgency for action

•  Properties are generally sold within 6 to 8 weeks of listing

•  A buyers down payment is 10% thus creating a bigger commitment

•  A seller knows exact date when the property will sell and when proceeds will be received

•  Allows seller to set terms and conditions of the sale

•  Eliminates high seller carrying cost such as interest, taxes, heat, sewer, water, maintenance, etc.

•  Brings interested buyers to a point of decision.

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License No. AU-005951

Auction License No. AU-005951

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